Monday, March 19, 2012

chalk chalk and more chalk

another trend i absolutely love is chalk boards or chalk walls or chalked up furniture or chalk labels, basically I'm a sucker for anything with chalk paint on it. i wish i could paint a whole wall in little d's room but alas i cannot (renting) so i can only swoon over the whole wall pics. the alternative is painting a piece of furniture which can work well...i did a coffee table from fantastic furniture in our house back in australia and did some stencilling down the side that read "make your mark" it was an easy diy....but i have to admit you end up with a lot of chalk dust so if you have carpet (which we did) it can be annoying to clean up. of course there is also the all so suave ones you can buy with the chalk holder in the middle of the table... hmmmmm i wonder how i can incorporate it into the room, mind you at this age he'd probably just eat the chalk. maybe i just need to buy myself a chalkboard hehe.
chalk board table by eric pfeiffer here ... could probably use an ikea table and paint the top to get similar look, still pricey but less pricey than this one
obviously this has been used in an adult room but could be very charming in a kids room and could grow with the child here

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