Tuesday, March 13, 2012

inspiration for a baby bedroom

we've just moved into our apartment and nearly unpacked all the boxes (this last bit may take a year to finish). for the first time we have also moved little d into his own room (mixed feelings about this!) so i'm currently trying to decorate it so that its a relaxing space for him and us to hang out in, especially before and after naps and at bed time, including dedicated reading time. at the moment im pro having his play space in a common area in the house (i.e. the living room) so that he and whoever is playing with him don't end up sectioned off from the rest of the family - this way we hopefully will have a family culture were we do our individual and group activities in a common environment. so here are some photos of bedrooms i like to help inspire me for his bedroom. i have to keep in mind that i can't change the colours of the walls etc it being a rental and all.
i like this minimalist colour scheme, black, white, grey, yellow and natural textures here
calm, black and white and i think we must have a globe or world map in there, and of course i am a fan of the pouf and eames replica
i am LOVING this, many pictures on the wall, interesting things to look at and point to and things that may not be for play now but are intriguing and interesting, so there definitely has to be ALOT if artwork in little ds room (i like that they have hung some soft toys (i have some ugly dolls id love to hang) as well - a great way to display them). here

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