Thursday, March 22, 2012

washi all sorts

i was trying to think of how to arrange pictures etc on little d's wall and then i saw the first picture below and thought...why not tape it up? its inexpensive, the skies the limit in terms of designs and colour schemes, its fun and easy to change. i've even gone and bought some tape, its not washi but its neon and it glows in the was too cool not to get. and now im even considering using it in other parts of the house too. if no one holds me back i may put tape on everything!
nice display for artwork without bulky frames easy to change as well here
neon splash here
washi all sorts here
washi tree here
i'm a sucker for neon and antlers so this i LOVE here 
here a more refined version that could work in a more serious space too
 washi tree in a childs room here with a tutorial and more pics
washi flower wall in a childs room here with some tips, how cool is progessive moving picture, i have to learn how to do this

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