Sunday, May 27, 2012

painted plastic animal decor

i have loved the idea of painted plastic toys, specifically dinosaurs (the first time i saw it was in a furniture ad in vogue interiors). anyhow i think it is definitely a must on my diy to do list (the more i pinterest the longer this list is can imagine how long it is if painting plastic animals is on it). So now with little d i have a excuse for having such things lying around, adorning shelves etc ("just a fun teaching tool for the little one" ill say). there is an amazing range of them being sold on etsy by 'the good machinery shop' they are so fantastical and fun. 
via apartment therapy
these are from around the home of the glamour here
heres another image i just saw on pinterest...just awesome!

Friday, May 25, 2012

images from the glow

the glow is like a mamma and baby version of the coveteur. it shares images of the lives of successful and fashionable mums. i enjoyed having a glimpse into their homes and their thoughts. as for decor below are a few images that i loved...especially liking the idea of glass jars for storage of things for the future and i am totally obsessed with dinosaurs (have been showing little d dinosaur picture books from week 3 of life...tad scary maybe...but i do often tell him that they're not around anymore haha).
all images and more here

Saturday, May 19, 2012

alphabet wall art

I'm still slowly chugging away at decorating little d's bedroom, I'm wondering about putting up some alphabet art? don't know if theres a place for it in the scheme of things ...but i really like the idea of it, especially when i saw the pics of successful ones below...maybe i won't do the whole alphabet but just a few letter cards...maybe i could find vintage ones? 
via apartment therapy
enzos nursery eclectic kids

bonne nuit

are you a fan of wall stickers? im not really keen on them...i have to admit some of them are damn cute, but i just think id get sick of them...mind you most of them are easily removable. this one by mimi lou is the only one ive found that i maybe wouldn't have second thoughts about? apparently you only see the outline of them during the day and they glow in the dark! bonne nuit means good night in french...too cute.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

lego storage

how absolutely cute are these lego storage boxes...i want them in every colour! they come in various sizes and of course they stack... it would be great for things other than lego too. love it.
all images here
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