Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion friday: mum & i

heres a spring mum and daughter outfit, featuring some baby clothes from mini rodini (love those guys) and a peplum and denim pairing for mum (you can see all the details on my polyvore). I've realised that when you go out with your kid you need to keep it simple and comfy so i think this outfit would work, the only issue is probably the white shirt he he (but theres always napisan for that!). the baby bag is from kate spade. this spring i'm really into print mashing (i.e. leopard+flowers+geometric+pops of colour) it could go terribly wrong but i think it works as long as its balanced and in this outfit because its spaced out well on the body. what fashion trends have you been into this spring?

mum & i out in spring

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