Monday, July 30, 2012

messy monday: giant DIY yarn wrapped letter tutorial

for this first messy monday post i want to share with you my large giant yarn covered letter, and i don't want to mislead you, this took longer than one fact it took about 652 hours (i thought id be really clever and see how many of little d's naps it took to make but after the 4th nap i just stopped counting!). i have to admit there were several times i thought i could never finish it, but when i look at the end result im so glad i didn't give up. it has added a awesome burst of colour to little d's room and its light so i feel comfortable hanging it above the bed. so below are the photos of the finished result, i hung the letter a little higher up so that there was room for the plush toys on the bed to hang out when they're in the way. further down is a tutorial on what i did (forgive me if its not clear...its my first one, check here and here if you want more guidance). im telling you now i won't be posting every monday (it is a monday after all!).

giant yarn wrapped letter
giant yarn wrapped letter tutorial part 2

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