Thursday, November 21, 2013

a late wednesday in-house: toys off the floor

toys are becoming really sophisticated these days, with many parents searching high and low for unique pieces that they and the child can enjoy and treasure. some are even antiques, collectables, really expensive, or due to “obsessions” our kids may be having at a given time you may have just amassed a ridiculous amount of one category of toy! in any case they can pick them up off the floor and you can display them on the wall of a room to make almost a artistic piece. 

the greatest outcome of this visual reduces your chance of stepping on them! i think we’ve all stepped on a lego, a toy car or a dinosaur that has made you think your going to die on the spot from the pain. side note...hubby stood on one of ds toys and it broke off in his foot! poor guy couldn’t walk for a week lol. its funny now. 

so whether it be a shelf, a little wooden house, a crate, or an old printer drawer... it looks great, kind of a modern version of a grannies display cabinet of collections! do you have a collection of toys? how have you managed or displayed them?

btw if your looking for something to hold your treasures search etsy for wooden crate, shadow box, wooden printer draw, wooden letter press printer tray, wooden house shelf etc for lots of options. also those pastel interior wooden houses are from ferm living.
oops i don’t know the source...if you can help me source this picture i would appreciate it :)

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