Monday, November 18, 2013

messy monday: drinking your veggies

we just got a juicer at our house and its soooo exciting we’ve been going a little juice crazy! so this messy monday is dedicated to juicing. its actually a fun activity with little d helping pick and put the fruits in (counting the berries etc) and helping with the pusher... and we get to drink a delicious healthy snack at the end of it, so it works well on many fronts. 
 its not so easy to get little d to eat veggies that aren’t incorporated into his meal (sometimes even those get picked out) bar a few favourites, so in addition to his favourite fruits i (secretly) added a bit of this and that!
heres our ingredients: i guess you can tell which is my bucket and which is d’s! i had celery, kale, carrots and 2 apples and d had the rockmelon, apple and blackberries (this is the secret part plus 3 mini carrots and a 1/4 of a piece of celery ).
as i was washing the fruits and veggies d prepared this and made me take a photo of it lol
the finished product...yum (and the kale drink may not look appetising but it was actually tasty!)

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