Monday, November 11, 2013

messy monday: “i can up, can i up, let me upgrade you!"

a can upgrade is an easy activity that your kids will love (d said “this is fun mum”) and you could even do it for yourself. tin cans can serve many purposes...we had this cactus i bought for d so that he’d water it, look after it etc (yes i know what your thinking and thats exactly why i bought a cactus specifically because you don’t have to water it often lol) any how we decided to spruce up its container. so all you need is a tin can (we had mexican the night before :) and a small pot plant. use warm soapy water to clean the can, remove the label and scrub off the glue thats on the can. from here your imaginations the limit...i painted the can white (2 layers of acrylic paint). if you have spray paint its much easier. let that dry, then we used neon coloured poster paints and acrylic paints, i held the can for him so it would be easier to get all the way around. then repot the plant (you can drill some holes in the bottom of the can for drainage).

tada...weve put the plant on top of d’s kitchen. if you have an outdoor area or balcony you could do a whole lot different sized tins and make a whole pot plant garden for your kids to tend to.
heres some other tin can upgrades on the net. i love this one...using a glue gun or puff paint, you can do your designs and then paint on top (click the link to get the how to). 
this is a great idea also could be a fun gift.
here are some sophisticated versions you could use around the house to hold all sorts of things...i especially like the crushed the cans - very cool. just do a search on pinterest tin can diy to get more ideas, another awesome adult one is using a power drill to make holes in the can and then use them as lanterns.

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