Friday, December 20, 2013

fashion friday: mum and i take a bow

this fashion friday comes straight from our living room floor, i recently got this adorable onsie for little d from h&m , its one of few non hand me downs he owns ;) its so sad they only fit into these clothes a few times and then you have to pack them away, its also sad when they poop up their back in a white onsie (i digress). anyhow i am a fan of texture and these tops combine them well. my tops from j crew ... a shop i’m in love with here in the states (we need one of these in australia). those little dunlops (similar here) were a gift from a gorgeous friend (so i always have them hanging around the kids room just as decoration in remembrance of her), looking forward to little d rocking those any day too (his foot has probably grown too big as we speak :I).

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