Monday, December 16, 2013

messy monday: gift wrapping with heart

i’m back - ive had my brothers come from overseas to visit for the past two weeks...which has been absolutely wonderful! endless basketball matches for d, cuddles for little d and morning sleep ins for me! this messy monday we’ve done something that we will be thankful for later! 

have you ever been running to get to someones house, box of chocolates in hand and can’t find anything to put them in or wrap them with? (and don’t even get me started on finding sticky tape....btw mushy cooked rice does stick things dont ask) so not only is this a fun activity (i think i had more fun than d did), but its also very useful. its inspired by the ferm living blog. i saw them do a triangle print with potatoes and it looked we decided to make some wrapping paper of our own. 

all you need is a couple of potatoes, knife, a roll of paper (we are using an ikea mala drawing paper roll) or any other paper, paint and butchers string. you can cut the potatoes in almost any shape and then go nuts! we also did hand prints which is a really nice wrapping for gifts for grandparents and the like, because they can keep the paper as a keepsake as well. if you don’t have time to do this another idea is just to use one of your childs drawings/artworks...instant wrapping paper (we usually have plenty of spares hanging around).

i think it turned out pretty nicely, and now i have the rolls and string in a handy spot for the next time we need to wrap on the go!

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