Monday, December 23, 2013

messy monday: sholleh zard

this is a traditional persian dessert called sholeh zard. its basically a rice pudding with the most expensive spice in the world mixed in (such a persian thing to do lol). before you read on, i warn you its not the healthiest thing in the world (despite what a persian mum may tell you)...but its delicious, and its dairy free and if you leave out the butter vegan too! this thanksgiving we were invited to a friends place and they asked for us to bring something traditional if we could... so that was my first time making sholleh zard and i have to say it was easy, time consuming, but the other day when the kiddies where both asleep i whipped up another batch for my afternoon snack. my favourite way of eating it is warmed up especially during these chilly days.  see recipe below...

1 cup of rice (basmati)
2 cups of sugar 
1/4 teaspoon ground saffron
1/4 cup butter
1 cup rose water
cinnamon (for decoration)
pistachios (ground for decoration)
almond slivered (for decoration/in the mixture- hubby doesn’t like them so i didn’t add)

1. dissolve saffron in 1/4 cup of hot water and cover (dissolve by stirring and let it brew)
2. wash the rice and put in a pot with 10 cups of water and boil. leave lid on stir occasionally to make sure it doesn’t boil over and to keep an eye on how its going (make sure you use a very large pot cause this just grows and grows!)
3. cook rice until soft and mushy (about 30mins)
4. when the water is absorbed add sugar, rosewater, butter, stirring as you go. you can continue cooking the mixture till its dense.
5. put the mixture in oven proof pot and put into oven for 15-20 mins
6. if you want to move it into smaller bowls or another pot nows the time to do it, then garnish with pistachios, cinnamon, almonds etc...then cool it to room temperature, put in the fridge (its supposed to be served chilled, but i love it warm :)

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