Monday, December 30, 2013

messy monday: a whole new world

seeing as a new year is coming around and we are all thinking of how we can renew ourselves, this messy monday is dedicated to improving the old! we’ve had this globe for a little while but i really disliked the colour and finish so i wanted to paint it with some chalk board paint. then once i got started painting i found other things i wanted to paint over ;P so i did an old lego box d had that wasn’t being used. with the lego box i painted the top with chalkboard paint and the bottom with black paint, and then put a layer of gloss on top. 

to do this all you need is a globe (cheap globes can be found on ebay or a thrift store) or any old box etc that could do with a renewal, chalk board paint, black paint, paint brush, goo remover, sponge, chalk.

have you started making a list of new year resolutions?

i bought the chalk board paint off amazon.

used some gloo gone spray to remove the paper map

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