Thursday, December 19, 2013

wednesday (close enough) in-house: high chairs to drool over

heres some gorgeous sleek looking high chairs to drool over (no pun intended). drool worthy because they don’t come cheap. i of course have made sure that our high chair is european designed see here ;).  so heres my round up (blurbs are below the photos)... i’ve saved the one i think is the most beautiful of them all for another post. it deserves it...youll see (btw i have a most interesting discovery  i’ve shared in the post script :)
so first up coming in at 323 usd is this beauty made by hannes iu a family owned business that does custom furniture too see here
the “tower chair” coming in at 253 usd designed by camilla and charlotte the duo behind Budtz Bendix in 2007 here 
the hochstihl 616, designed in 1965. The chair of the Finnish company Artek. the curved shell comes in black, white, natural, red and blue. it’ll set you back a cool 555 euros (i thought id leave it at that, usd would be too scary) here
the leander high chair, that bouncy slightly and naturally with the childs movements. it grows with the child i.e. it converts in stages through to an adult chair. this ones about 290 usd here 
last but not least stokke tripp trapp, comes in at 250 usd excluding accessories (i.e. safety straps, pads, tray etc.. i love that they’ve added the newborn set so you can have your baby propped up in it from 0 -6 months. here

p.s. most important piece of baby gear info you will need to know (i know i always wondered) drumroll please... its pronounced STOWE-Kah, oh and heres another one...“AY-dun” and “uh-NAY,” say whaat? that is not what i’ve been saying hahaha

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