Monday, January 6, 2014

messy monday: spot the painting

this weekend was vomit central at our house :( poor d and little d were both sick in the tummy and there was vomit flying everywhere (including dads face lol ...its funny because it wasn’t my face). so 6 loads of washing later and it seems like they’re on the mend. so heres a diy i did a while back. its easy, looks awesome and is a great learning tool for teaching colours. i want to write the colour names on there as well (its been a year :I). it will happen. finishing what i’ve started is one of my resolutions for the new year (bahahaaha), have you  made any new year resolutions? don’t worry i won’t hold you to them ;)

all you need is a canvas, paint, ruler, pencil and compass or trace a round object (last time i had a compass was in grade 8 so i just traced something)...and a few nights...

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