Tuesday, February 18, 2014

messy monday: how to display kids art work

to me the best mess of all is an art mess :) i’ve seen many solutions to the display of the outcome but the one i like best of all is making a gallery wall. when i unveiled d’s gallery wall to him in our new apartment he was sooo blown away “woooow mummy”! he proclaimed it was adorable, i think he really felt that we valued his creativity because we were displaying it for everyone to see. every so often i catch him looking at the wall saying with pride “ohhhh myyyy god, so much painting” and then points out which are his favourites. i was a little slow with putting up the last painting project and a few days ago and he said “where are my dinosaurs?” 
any how the point i’m trying to make is that putting up his pictures seems to have given him a sense of pride in his work.

so what to do with all those treasured pieces (or monstrosities) your little artist makes? here are some gorgeous ways to display it, and when we have a sunny day ill take some pics of our art wall for you to see.
p.s. i realise its tuesday but monday was a public holiday ;P
this one actually isn’t children’s art but the colours and display is so cheerful you could easily substitute here

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