Monday, February 3, 2014

messy monday: it must be love

my motto these days is if you want something new, paint something old! I’ve been dying to paint a plastic animal toy. we have a heap of triceratops... so it had it coming! at first i was going to do different colours and patterns but once i put the base of white on i loved it so much i decided to keep it white... for now. remember i was wanting to give little ds part of our room a bit of baby decor ...well this triceratops is now sitting on top of my his dresser. below is a photo of when the dresser was mine :I and how it looks now. i have to say i feel gooey inside every time i see all his little shoes up know when you love things just because you know they belong to someone you love. any how his “area” is still not done but will show you picks when i get it together. 

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