Wednesday, February 5, 2014

wednesday in-house: cane chairs

i’m looking to get some chairs for the boys play area, i only recently realised (when i was told) that d doesn’t ever sit to do anything! he doesn’t have a chair he can do activities in so if he’s painting or playing etc. he is always standing up. i don’t think its really a problem but i think its probably nice when doing things like activity books or having a snack to sit down on his own miniature chair. he has a ikea stool (which he always looks like he’s about to fall off lol) and an ikea poang, which is more a lounge chair...any how before i bore you to death talking about chairs heres some that i didn’t think id be a fan of but consistently loved them in images...cane chairs. not really the type of chair i’m after, so the search continues but how gorgeous are they? they give the spaces a sense of depth, like they have a story to tell. how cute would they look on a porch!

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