Monday, June 23, 2014

messy monday: the great wall

a while back i was telling you about ds art wall in our apartment here, and how happy it makes him to see all his work presented in our home. well here are some photos of it. it is on the wall entering our kitchen and there are some funny angles so light isnt great for photos there but you will get the idea. i just love it. its so uplifting to walk past and it just screams joy! 
art activities are my favourite type of play and its not just because i'm into it (although i have to admit most of the time i'm probably having more fun than him), its because i get to spend real quality time with d, partly it is because i have to be present 100%  of the time otherwise there will be paint on walls and play doh smeared into carpet etc., but mostly because we are working together toward creating something and the process of consulting about what to do, how to go about it, navigating things not working (like hair dying crayons in straight lines...seriously if you've managed that you should get an award), and then of course being left with a beautiful (sometimes only in our eyes...but that ok) outcome is so fulfilling.  
we have a couple of art/craft activity books that we use as inspiration and of course there are some some awesome things he comes home with from his school skills class. we've been having to swap out some pictures because the wall is pretty full but i've been taking some photos every now and again so we have some sort of documentation of his creations and their evolution.
some of my favourites...

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