messy monday: pom pom pom pom pom pom basket

i was about to throw this basket away, but something stopped me (probably my obsession with storage containers hehe), and im glad i didn't because i had a flash of inspiration to repair the basket (that has a very nice plaited weave) and add some pom poms and use it as a laundry basket for work shirts that needed to go to the laundromat...too much detail i know...anyhow, i have been seeing beautiful pom pom baskets lately but i just couldn't justify buying another basket, so a bit of cotton twine (you could of course use colored twine or wool) and... wallah! really wasn't hard, would probably take two kiddy naps to do at best! there are so many how tos on the inet and they probably can explain it better than i ever could, but i've shown you a little of what i did below anyway. i made my pom poms larger which means they look more floppy but all you'd have to do is change the size, fullness or trim of the pompom to change the look to your liking. 

here are the process pics...because i know your dying to see...
exhibit A
i wrapped the yarn around a piece of cardboard (might be a good idea to count how many times you go around so that the pom poms end up looking the same size (i didnt :I). then pulled it off carefully and tie another piece of yarn around the bundle to keep it together (should look like a bow), then i cut the "bow" part open, so it ends up looking like above (sorry its a dark photo because i was doing it at night)
then i took two bundles and affixed one in one direction and then immediately under it affixed another bundle in the opposite direction. i attached them by threading and knotting the yarn through the holes in the basket. If you did this with wool you probably would only need the one bundle or pom pom because wool is fluffier.
then i ruffled up the pom pom to loosen all the threads and make it look as little d put it "fizzy". you can see above the right hand side i haven't ruffled yet. again you wouldnt have to do this with wool. then you can trim to get the look you want. i liked it shaggy and messy so thats how i did mine. and tada! below is the result...
below is actually where it is going ...a pretty pathway to dirty laundry!


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