Wednesday, June 11, 2014

wednesday in-house: dads day

father's day in australia is in september so similar to last year i feel like its a rude slap in the face when i find out it's THIS weekend here in the US. most of you are probably more organised and have it all figured out, but if you don't here's a couple of ideas from things  i've the kids managed to pull off in the past for my hubby the first and third you probably still have time for but the second one maybe not...for those of you in aus disregard this info till september 2nd (that gives you 5 days). so the first idea is to type up 365 reasons (or as many as you can) why you love him (if you can't come up with more than 10 ditch this idea ;p) can include things your kids love about him, i put in some IOUs and some tickets for a present of my choice to be given to him in 24 hours, so you can be creative. 
the second is a photo book. these are actually pretty easy to get made these days...i made a set of three full of photos from different stages of our sons life to date. the photo books only had photos of my husband and my son aside from a photo of us when i was pregnant, one from the birth, and some with his dad. it's pretty precious and my husband loved it.
the third idea took some time (but you still can get it done!). it turned out really well. get your kids to hold up alphabet letters or signs give a message. i used it for my husbands birthday and father's day. I turned mine into a puzzle he had to put together to get the message (the days when i was organised *sigh) but it would've been been just as cute without.

 so what will I do this year? i'm thinking socks. 

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