Wednesday, June 4, 2014

wednesday in house: i heart morocco

moroccan interiors always attract me...i don't know what exactly it is about them. maybe its all the juxtaposition...the cosy or warm feeling of the rooms even though there is large expanses of stone and space, the layers of pattern and texture, the mixture of shiny things, wood, and fluff! who knows...regardless, i get really happy when i see moroccan elements mixed into a space, especially into modern or nordic interiors, and of course the ever popular pouf in nurseries etc. We always had poufs (egyptian ones) and foot stools hanging around our house growing up so it always feels like home when i see them.

here are some photos of moroccan styling in our house, and below that are photographs of two gorgeous modern moroccan decorated/designed homes that i swoon over...

home no.1
home no.2

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