Tuesday, July 22, 2014

messy not monday: dinosaur bones

recently when we go to the park we search out sticks pretending we are paleontologists finding dinosaur bones...then we try and guess which dinosaur they came from. d enjoys this so much this and is constantly searching for strange or interesting ones, and it gives me a well deserved soccer break! needless to say this has resulted in many dinosaur bones making their way back to the house. seeing as the mere mention of discarding the "bones" inscited protest, i decided to make peace with the bones and freshen them up in a painting activity (as i've seen on pinterest). we had a lot of fun, I mixed different ranges of colours for each few sticks so we didn't end up with a bunch of dark green blackish brown sticks (you know what I mean?!). anyhow on a recent walk i found myself doing the same as d, searching for the perfect bone! i popped it up on the shelf to dry and it's just stayed there. it's such a fun and easy activity, i think well have to store some for the winter months, when we are hibernating with nothing to do!

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