Friday, December 21, 2012

fashion friday: brand love

little titans makes adorable tights for boys...yey!! it was born from parents seeing the comfort their daughter was enjoying wearing tights and wanted their boy to enjoy the same with some boyish charm, heres what they say: "Baby Matilda was a comfy cutie in her stripey tights, free to crawl unhindered and stylish to boot. When little brother Kit came along, 'Tilda's old polka dots and candy stripes didn't quite fit the bill. He needed something boyish and brilliant that would let him strut his stripey stuff, bend it like Beckham or scale the back of the sofa like the real-life action hero he is. Little Titans was born - tights for boys." 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wednesday in house: a hide to seek

another obsession of mine and a current trend is hide rugs. they look fantastic in the kids rooms below but im not sure how practical it is? both for cleaning and because of hairs coming off (do you have one? is it hard to maintain?). there are some cute alternatives for kids rooms in the form of jonathan adlers zebra rugs that come in many colours and  im sure there are similar looking rugs at varying price points on the market now. if you find one on the cheaper side let me know ;)
help me source this image
help me source this image
google images jonathan adler zebra rug

Friday, December 7, 2012

fashion friday: wardrobe crush miranda kerr

i came across a gorgeous street style photo of miranda kerr (first image) and it made me interested to see  what else this mum wears when shes out and about with her baby boy flynn. we cant look like miranda kerr but we can get inspiration from her outfits. She seems really good and putting together uncomplicated pieces and ends up looking quite put together. her looks are effortless, it looks like shes comfy and she certainly looks elegant. i think it'd be near impossible for her to look bad in anything though!

all images via google images

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

wednesday in house: toys you may want to keep for yourself

here are some toys youll enjoy having lying around your house, designed by acne jr. acne jr is one branch of the acne brand a swedish design company who designs fashion, books, artwork and much more. their aim with acne jr is to make traditional and iconic toys in a modern way. their toys are quirky and beautifully executed and could probably live in any room of your house (not just the playroom). You can see more of their designs here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

fashion friday: mum and i

saw this dress on polyvore and i couldnt resist making a set for it. it all feels a little french to me (although im not sure french women wear connies and ray bans?). the fur jacket may be  a bit much...but hey how amazing would it feel strutting a pregnant belly in a big fur coat!

casual cool

Sunday, November 18, 2012

fashionably late friday: brand love mini&maximus

mini & maximus is an awesome brand that collaborates with young and old artists (you can go to their website and submit artworks for consideration) to create fun and original kids clothing and prints, and they are also eco friendly...check them out. im considering a few pieces for little d from their newest collection booyah, you can get it online at
images from mini & maximus and here

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wednesday in house: black and white is always nice

i've just realised how long i've been mia from the blog! wow time flies...and thats pretty much what we've been doing too, flying to and from australia, singapore and bali twice (yes very lucky :), mix in a bit of sickness and a whole lot of playing with toys and your pretty much up to speed. 

heres some inspiration using my favourites black, white and grey. i love the baskets theyve used in the first image, i don't know how long they'd stay in tact at our house if they had balls in them though! notice how the small pop of yellow in the first two photos seems to be enough to bring out all the elements in the room and stop the rooms from looking too serious for a child. enjoy...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

wednesday in-house: closets

there are so many ways of organising kids cupboards, ive been folding so far but hanging them makes a lot of sense seeing as they grow through them so quickly that sometimes you miss out on using something just because you don't see it in the cupboard (they grow soooo fast), also you could go straight from drying to the hanger (no ironing!). Plus they are just so cute that displaying them can even add a little something to the room (i love these open closets but i don't think i could keep them neat enough ;P). i just love the second picture with the kids drawing the contents on the cupboard. How do you organise your kids clothes? any tips on making it user friendly and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

Friday, August 17, 2012

fashion friday: breakfast at the playground

its so cold here in sydney, well compared to jakarta anyway :) if i had a girl this is an outfit i think we'd do over and over in different coloured tights, comfy, warm and fun. ive had little d in a beanie when we go out to the park and i have to say it is one of the most adorable things i have ever seen... and then when he pulls the beanie off when we get home and reveals his flat curls hat hair *sigh sometimes i think i might just melt.
breakfast at the playground

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

wednesday in-house: room with a view

the perfect, wood and toys :) (minus the lizard - they scare me!)

Friday, August 10, 2012

fashion friday: brand speak

i love sophisticated artwork on kids clothing, when its done well it looks beautiful. here are two brands i came across that do it so well, some of the prints are so nice you could probably frame them after they've grown out of them and hang it on the wall. soft gallery is based on a collaborations with artists each season, commissioned to create artwork featured on their clothing. the label is founded by designer Tine Holt Møller and fashion photographer and designer Barbara Hvidt. monikako is founded by two mums, a textile design and fine arts professional. how amazing are their prints and appliqués...these are a few of the pieces i love... 

soft gallery here

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wednesday in-house: metal lockers

loving metal lockers as storage for a kids room. they'd be great for storing books or bits and pieces like art and craft materials or pretty much anything i guess (you can always do with more storage)! of course one of my favourites is the chalkboard covered lockers and the bright pink cute. i guess it would work best with an older child who could easily reach higher shelves and not hurt themselves with the metal. i like the locker bins from pbteen (see pic below) pottery barns teen line, they give you that same industrial look with more versatility and without needing to source and fit in a full scale locker in the house! the locker bins can be slipped into an existing bookshelf or put on the ground.
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