Thursday, March 29, 2012

another australian castle

castle is an australian brand that makes bedlinen, cushions, garlands and artwork the colours are fantastic and would look great in a childs room. rachel castle also collaborates with gorman another amazing australian brand that makes eco friendly fashion. check it out... 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

inspiration from the design files blog

this is a collection of images from the AMAZING blog the design files by Lucy Feagins. her choices of homes to photograph are perfection, and maybe i am more drawn to the interiors because they have a relaxed fun and quirky aussie aesthetic to them. these pictures i found especially inspiring for the decorating little d's room. i guess i need to actually start putting things up soon...but its so much easier fun looking at pretty pictures!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

washi all sorts

i was trying to think of how to arrange pictures etc on little d's wall and then i saw the first picture below and thought...why not tape it up? its inexpensive, the skies the limit in terms of designs and colour schemes, its fun and easy to change. i've even gone and bought some tape, its not washi but its neon and it glows in the was too cool not to get. and now im even considering using it in other parts of the house too. if no one holds me back i may put tape on everything!
nice display for artwork without bulky frames easy to change as well here
neon splash here
washi all sorts here
washi tree here
i'm a sucker for neon and antlers so this i LOVE here 
here a more refined version that could work in a more serious space too
 washi tree in a childs room here with a tutorial and more pics
washi flower wall in a childs room here with some tips, how cool is progessive moving picture, i have to learn how to do this

Monday, March 19, 2012

chalk chalk and more chalk

another trend i absolutely love is chalk boards or chalk walls or chalked up furniture or chalk labels, basically I'm a sucker for anything with chalk paint on it. i wish i could paint a whole wall in little d's room but alas i cannot (renting) so i can only swoon over the whole wall pics. the alternative is painting a piece of furniture which can work well...i did a coffee table from fantastic furniture in our house back in australia and did some stencilling down the side that read "make your mark" it was an easy diy....but i have to admit you end up with a lot of chalk dust so if you have carpet (which we did) it can be annoying to clean up. of course there is also the all so suave ones you can buy with the chalk holder in the middle of the table... hmmmmm i wonder how i can incorporate it into the room, mind you at this age he'd probably just eat the chalk. maybe i just need to buy myself a chalkboard hehe.
chalk board table by eric pfeiffer here ... could probably use an ikea table and paint the top to get similar look, still pricey but less pricey than this one
obviously this has been used in an adult room but could be very charming in a kids room and could grow with the child here

Saturday, March 17, 2012

mini rodini

mini rodini is a gorgeous brand established by a swedish illustrator. these are a few items i think are really cute on their online shop currently. might have to get a little denim tie for little d to wear with a white shirt and shorts...too cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012


one of the trends in kids rooms at the moment is teepees. i for one love them. it reminds me of being a kid, although my teepee tent was no where near as stylish or chic...more like an old unwanted bed sheet over two dining room chairs. id like to have a teepee for little d when he's a little older...i don't think he'd use it now, i have enough trouble trying to get him to go through a plastic tunnel! but i think well either buy one or ill have to attempt making one for him. might be a fun interesting diy project...i can just see me now trying to get the poles through holes that have been sewn to be too small!
if i buy one it may be this one from brown paper packages

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

inspiration for a baby bedroom

we've just moved into our apartment and nearly unpacked all the boxes (this last bit may take a year to finish). for the first time we have also moved little d into his own room (mixed feelings about this!) so i'm currently trying to decorate it so that its a relaxing space for him and us to hang out in, especially before and after naps and at bed time, including dedicated reading time. at the moment im pro having his play space in a common area in the house (i.e. the living room) so that he and whoever is playing with him don't end up sectioned off from the rest of the family - this way we hopefully will have a family culture were we do our individual and group activities in a common environment. so here are some photos of bedrooms i like to help inspire me for his bedroom. i have to keep in mind that i can't change the colours of the walls etc it being a rental and all.
i like this minimalist colour scheme, black, white, grey, yellow and natural textures here
calm, black and white and i think we must have a globe or world map in there, and of course i am a fan of the pouf and eames replica
i am LOVING this, many pictures on the wall, interesting things to look at and point to and things that may not be for play now but are intriguing and interesting, so there definitely has to be ALOT if artwork in little ds room (i like that they have hung some soft toys (i have some ugly dolls id love to hang) as well - a great way to display them). here

Monday, March 12, 2012

first post

so if there is one thing i look at more than interiors and fashion it would have to be anything related to babies and kids. after having little d it is what i live and breath every day. so here is a baby delight upon delight, because as i understand it no matter how big they get they are still your baby.
The honor allotted to man is the acquisition of the supreme virtues of the human world. This is his real happiness and felicity. But if material happiness and spiritual felicity be conjoined, it will be "delight upon delight" ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
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