Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday in-house: black, white and shades between

black and grey may not be the first two colours that come to mind when your thinking kids and babies...but here are some pics that might just change your mind! i for one am a sucker for monochromatic schemes and it means the room can easily adapt and grow with the child without dramatic changes tot he colour, layout and some furnishings too...what makes some of these rooms look so attractive are the strong bold splashes of colour that they have incorporated - which i think is a must for a kid or baby room...enjoy :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion friday: mum & i

heres a spring mum and daughter outfit, featuring some baby clothes from mini rodini (love those guys) and a peplum and denim pairing for mum (you can see all the details on my polyvore). I've realised that when you go out with your kid you need to keep it simple and comfy so i think this outfit would work, the only issue is probably the white shirt he he (but theres always napisan for that!). the baby bag is from kate spade. this spring i'm really into print mashing (i.e. leopard+flowers+geometric+pops of colour) it could go terribly wrong but i think it works as long as its balanced and in this outfit because its spaced out well on the body. what fashion trends have you been into this spring?

mum & i out in spring

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

wednesday in-house: ds room design

so yes im still no where near decorating little d's room a year and a bit on (after birth!). so from the inspiration pics ive collected the below 3 most accurately reflect what i want the room to feel like...comfy but modern with a visual feast. white as the anchoring colour with splashes of bright colours (which isn't hard with toys) and maybe denim fabric element. i like the idea of having things in the room that are not all "babyish" so that there are things we can look at and explore together that will make him think and challenge his senses. i made a mood board for what i'm thinking on olio board combining some of these elements with items he already has. ill post some progress soon in this lifetime.

image references in previous posts

Monday, June 18, 2012

fashion friday: polyvore

so this was supposed to be on friday (hehe) but im fashionably late, actually I'm just late! but i promise from now on ill try to be more punctual! so these next couple of looks are for a little mr. You can see some of my grown up styling on polyvore too :)

little monster

old school baby cool

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wednesday in-house: bedroom inspiration

i've decided to post on a more regular basis but with a little more direction. just so i can organise all the lovely pics a little more easily and not have so many half done posts sitting in my drafts. so wednesdays will be about all things indoors...bedroom inspiration, playroom inspiration, fun activities, toys etc. so here are some pics of bedrooms i love. they all have a cosiness and character that immediately give you a sense of what that child and their families style and enjoyments are.  
love the board art on the wall+blanket+colours here
loving the diy day bed on wheels here
this room is just perfection...the geometric bed cover, that tiny grand piano and arrangements and objects on the bookshelf are a joy to look at here
amazing world wallpaper with great colour here
such a sweet little girls room. i like that the wardrobe is at the childs hight and the stall looks like hours of imaginary fun here
how do they keep that carpet white! they deserve an award just for that...ofcourse I'm a sucker for chalk board walls and the wooden horse is gorgeous via valkoinen harmaja

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

baby styling

i've had so much fun putting together outfits for little ones...i think this is going to be my new hobby :) ill post them up as i do a bit addicted at the moment. these three are for little girls...stay tuned for some style boards for boys (its so difficult to find a range of options for boys) i'm looking forward to that challenge!
sunny day out

little red riding hood wins again

funky zebra

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