Monday, July 30, 2012

messy monday: giant DIY yarn wrapped letter tutorial

for this first messy monday post i want to share with you my large giant yarn covered letter, and i don't want to mislead you, this took longer than one fact it took about 652 hours (i thought id be really clever and see how many of little d's naps it took to make but after the 4th nap i just stopped counting!). i have to admit there were several times i thought i could never finish it, but when i look at the end result im so glad i didn't give up. it has added a awesome burst of colour to little d's room and its light so i feel comfortable hanging it above the bed. so below are the photos of the finished result, i hung the letter a little higher up so that there was room for the plush toys on the bed to hang out when they're in the way. further down is a tutorial on what i did (forgive me if its not clear...its my first one, check here and here if you want more guidance). im telling you now i won't be posting every monday (it is a monday after all!).

giant yarn wrapped letter
giant yarn wrapped letter tutorial part 2

Friday, July 27, 2012

fashion friday: very french gangsters eyewear

sorry, little d has been unwell so i missed a couple of posts... but to make up for it here are some pics of an adorable brand called very french gangsters. they specialise in prescription glasses and sunglasses specially for little ones aged 3-10 years. i just love the styling and concept behind their collection and if my head was a third of its size i would be rocking the "very boss paris" frames....too cute!

Friday, July 13, 2012

fashion friday: brand intro

i think i must be homesick because unbeknown to me i was intrigued by two different brands campaign pictures i came across on the internet and they both turned out to be australian! witchery (the first set of photos) is one of few australian fashion chains and they have launched a children's line in recent years. the witchery kids campaign shows off their strength... stylish, simple clothing with a preppy edge. its obvious that they are trying to translate adult trends into kids fashion, and they do it with class which is nice...they cater for ages 2-9. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

wednesday in-house: bedroom inspiration

i just love these rooms, i think its the bright colours of the toys and artwork against the abundance of white from the walls and furniture. enjoy...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fashion not friday: brand love

ok so i realised i missed fashion friday a couple of fridays heres a a fix for you. these two brands are super cute and look comfy too. the first is called petitbo and is based in france, they describe themselves as describe our style as Nordic bohemian with a little French touch. if i was a little girl again this is what id want to be wearing, in fact ill wear all those now! the second set of photos is from the brand ESP No.1 from the US, they make unisex clothing, which makes a lot of sense, especially because you can go hand me down and across the sexes. they also do denim all year round so thats a win win in my book...enjoy the pics (some of them are from their previous seasons)... 

Friday, July 6, 2012

fashion friday: mummy and i

this fashion friday i was thinking about going out to the i often day dream about :) little d still hasn't been to a zoo so i can't wait to take him. i still can't quite figure out what season im in seeing as its summer here but often thinking of it being winter in australia...anyhow...the baby anorak is made by nico nico, they have some extremely adorable stuff, and it all looks so comfy, there are some photos below from their spring 2012 collection. for info on all other items you can write me or visit polyvore :)
mum and i : trip to the zoo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

wednesday in-house: baby bedding

im not usually a big fan of coordinated baby bedding and all those additional crib frills. our crib has always been just mattress and mattress cover and thats it. mind you its also because i didn't want to put up bumpers because of advice from SIDS and kids australia. but i just have to share the most beautiful baby bedding i have seen. its from serena & lily. its egyptian cotton with silky embroidered animal and flower motifs that are inspired by mexican folk art...sigh
i also liked this print they have its from their leo collection...

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