Tuesday, July 22, 2014

messy not monday: dinosaur bones

recently when we go to the park we search out sticks pretending we are paleontologists finding dinosaur bones...then we try and guess which dinosaur they came from. d enjoys this so much this and is constantly searching for strange or interesting ones, and it gives me a well deserved soccer break! needless to say this has resulted in many dinosaur bones making their way back to the house. seeing as the mere mention of discarding the "bones" inscited protest, i decided to make peace with the bones and freshen them up in a painting activity (as i've seen on pinterest). we had a lot of fun, I mixed different ranges of colours for each few sticks so we didn't end up with a bunch of dark green blackish brown sticks (you know what I mean?!). anyhow on a recent walk i found myself doing the same as d, searching for the perfect bone! i popped it up on the shelf to dry and it's just stayed there. it's such a fun and easy activity, i think well have to store some for the winter months, when we are hibernating with nothing to do!

Monday, June 30, 2014

messy monday: dreaming on my deck

ive been dreaming up deck designs every since i found the golden skateboard i had painted many years ago in our storage during a recent visit to Australia. i wanted this new deck to be a keepsake for baby d so it has his birth date on it. it truely was a labor of love. i toiled for hours over the design, trying to make it beautiful but edgy. even though i was pulling my hair out at some points i realised how much i love designing. i see-sawed between wanting to see the finished product and not wanting the creative process to end. now that it's finished i want an excuse to make more!! so... if you would like a deck like this with your personal dates on it then hit me up with an email to order (delightupondelight@gmail.com) or i've just put it up onto my etsy store here.

Monday, June 23, 2014

messy monday: the great wall

a while back i was telling you about ds art wall in our apartment here, and how happy it makes him to see all his work presented in our home. well here are some photos of it. it is on the wall entering our kitchen and there are some funny angles so light isnt great for photos there but you will get the idea. i just love it. its so uplifting to walk past and it just screams joy! 
art activities are my favourite type of play and its not just because i'm into it (although i have to admit most of the time i'm probably having more fun than him), its because i get to spend real quality time with d, partly it is because i have to be present 100%  of the time otherwise there will be paint on walls and play doh smeared into carpet etc., but mostly because we are working together toward creating something and the process of consulting about what to do, how to go about it, navigating things not working (like hair dying crayons in straight lines...seriously if you've managed that you should get an award), and then of course being left with a beautiful (sometimes only in our eyes...but that ok) outcome is so fulfilling.  
we have a couple of art/craft activity books that we use as inspiration and of course there are some some awesome things he comes home with from his school skills class. we've been having to swap out some pictures because the wall is pretty full but i've been taking some photos every now and again so we have some sort of documentation of his creations and their evolution.
some of my favourites...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

wednesday in-house: windows

when i saw photographer xavier guardans work it really struck a cord. i dont know if it was because of the subject (im half kenyan) or it was simply the beauty he captured with his photography. either way im so glad i came across his work, and wanted to share it with you. he has published an exquisite collection of portraits of members of different kenyan tribes. they are black and white portraits and are taken from the inside his toyota land cruiser giving them a unique frame...that square format we have all become accustomed to! this is definitely going on my list of books to buy...breathtakingly gorgeous. check out more of his work here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

messy monday: pom pom pom pom pom pom basket

i was about to throw this basket away, but something stopped me (probably my obsession with storage containers hehe), and im glad i didn't because i had a flash of inspiration to repair the basket (that has a very nice plaited weave) and add some pom poms and use it as a laundry basket for work shirts that needed to go to the laundromat...too much detail i know...anyhow, i have been seeing beautiful pom pom baskets lately but i just couldn't justify buying another basket, so a bit of cotton twine (you could of course use colored twine or wool) and... wallah! really wasn't hard, would probably take two kiddy naps to do at best! there are so many how tos on the inet and they probably can explain it better than i ever could, but i've shown you a little of what i did below anyway. i made my pom poms larger which means they look more floppy but all you'd have to do is change the size, fullness or trim of the pompom to change the look to your liking. 

here are the process pics...because i know your dying to see...
exhibit A
i wrapped the yarn around a piece of cardboard (might be a good idea to count how many times you go around so that the pom poms end up looking the same size (i didnt :I). then pulled it off carefully and tie another piece of yarn around the bundle to keep it together (should look like a bow), then i cut the "bow" part open, so it ends up looking like above (sorry its a dark photo because i was doing it at night)
then i took two bundles and affixed one in one direction and then immediately under it affixed another bundle in the opposite direction. i attached them by threading and knotting the yarn through the holes in the basket. If you did this with wool you probably would only need the one bundle or pom pom because wool is fluffier.
then i ruffled up the pom pom to loosen all the threads and make it look as little d put it "fizzy". you can see above the right hand side i haven't ruffled yet. again you wouldnt have to do this with wool. then you can trim to get the look you want. i liked it shaggy and messy so thats how i did mine. and tada! below is the result...
below is actually where it is going ...a pretty pathway to dirty laundry!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

wednesday in-house: dads day

father's day in australia is in september so similar to last year i feel like its a rude slap in the face when i find out it's THIS weekend here in the US. most of you are probably more organised and have it all figured out, but if you don't here's a couple of ideas from things  i've the kids managed to pull off in the past for my hubby the first and third you probably still have time for but the second one maybe not...for those of you in aus disregard this info till september 2nd (that gives you 5 days). so the first idea is to type up 365 reasons (or as many as you can) why you love him (if you can't come up with more than 10 ditch this idea ;p)...you can include things your kids love about him, i put in some IOUs and some tickets for a present of my choice to be given to him in 24 hours, so you can be creative. 
the second is a photo book. these are actually pretty easy to get made these days...i made a set of three full of photos from different stages of our sons life to date. the photo books only had photos of my husband and my son aside from a photo of us when i was pregnant, one from the birth, and some with his dad. it's pretty precious and my husband loved it.
the third idea took some time (but you still can get it done!). it turned out really well. get your kids to hold up alphabet letters or signs give a message. i used it for my husbands birthday and father's day. I turned mine into a puzzle he had to put together to get the message (the days when i was organised *sigh) but it would've been been just as cute without.

 so what will I do this year? i'm thinking socks. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

messy monday: paris is always a good idea

as you may have already figured out i love chalk boards... so i finally got around to painting my first piece of furniture. its a tall boy/dresser from ikea and its turned out so well that now i have to literally talk myself out of painting every piece of furniture in our house! if you are planning on doing something like this i recommend you buy a chalk pen so that you don't end up with chalk all over your clothes every time you open the drawers...yes i learnt the hard way. 


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

wednesday in house: i heart morocco

moroccan interiors always attract me...i don't know what exactly it is about them. maybe its all the juxtaposition...the cosy or warm feeling of the rooms even though there is large expanses of stone and space, the layers of pattern and texture, the mixture of shiny things, wood, and fluff! who knows...regardless, i get really happy when i see moroccan elements mixed into a space, especially into modern or nordic interiors, and of course the ever popular pouf in nurseries etc. We always had poufs (egyptian ones) and foot stools hanging around our house growing up so it always feels like home when i see them.

here are some photos of moroccan styling in our house, and below that are photographs of two gorgeous modern moroccan decorated/designed homes that i swoon over...

home no.1
home no.2
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